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Mike Green - President and founder of Collegiate Consultants

Over the past 18 years, Mike Green has presented on more than 2000 campuses nationwide in his effort to make drug and alcohol awareness and education an integral part of every student's life. He is a recognized leader in the field, who has earned the respect of both his colleagues and the student he has counseled. This recognition was clearly illustrated in 1987, when he was chosen to give expert testimony before the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control.

Mike serves as a consultant to the student affairs and athletic departments of numerous Universities, including Boston College, Florida State University, Pennsylvania State University, Brown University, Princeton University, Hobart College, and the University of Vermont.

He is listed among the Outstanding Young Men of America and was recently added to the ranks of West Chester University's Distinguished Alumni. At the request of Senator Bill Bradley, Mike developed drug and alcohol programs for the New Jersey High Schools. In the non-academic setting, he produced programs for the medical societies of both New Jersey and Virginia, and for professional sports teams including the Philadelphia Flyers. Mike has appeared as a featured guest on various television programs including A.M. Philadelphia and People are Talking, as well as having had interviews published in The Chronical of Higher Education, Coach, Athletic, Management, Scolastic Coach, and hundreds of campus papers.

He produced a series of video tapes which include many of the innovative, and now famous, Think before you drink techniques as demonstrated during actual presentations.

Mike has been participant and coach on both High School and College levels. As a defensive lineman, he received All Pennsylvania Conference and All State Honors, and a try-out with the Philadelphia Eagles. Mike was a High School athletic director, and has coached Division II Football at West Chester University. His background of athlete, coach, and educator, gives him the know-how to connect to today's youth. His firsthand experiences as a recovering alcoholic gives him the credibilty to honestly relate the dangers drugs and alcohol pose for many students. He has made it his life's work to help young people avoid the perils of abuse, and because Mike Green is an inspiring and dynamic speaker, kids not only sit up and listen - they buy what he is selling! Mike earned his Masters of Education Degree at West Chester University for Health and Physical Education.

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